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Coleus Extract

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INTRODUCTION : Coleus forskohlii Herb Extract the only plant source of active gredientforskolin. Forskolin’s basic mechanism of action is that it increases the amount of cyclic AMP (adenosine monophosphate) in cells by activating an enzyme called adenylate cyclase. Cyclic AMP (cAMP) is one of the most important secondary messengers in the cell. It is considered to be one of the most important cell regulating compounds.
MANUFACTURING PROCESS : To make Coleus Extract the dry coleus roots are collected, cleaned to remove the physical impurities, like adhered soil and dirt. Then the dried roots are grinded to make it powder form. After that it is extract by suitable extractor and aseptic packaging for the further storage and transportation.
HOW IT WORKS : Under normal circumstances, cAMP forms by adenylate cyclase activation due to hormonal stimulation at the cell receptor site. However, forskolin seems to bypass this reaction and allows for an increase in intracellular cAMP to occur.

Forskolin has been shown to be safe and effective and has a great amount of potential as a sports supplement. There are several benefits to athletes including relaxation of the arteries and smooth muscles, lowering blood pressure, enhanced insulin secretion; which can help drive carbohydrates and protein into muscle cells for energy and recovery, increased thyroid hormone function; which can help enhance metabolic rate, and significantly increase lipolysis.

Forskolin seems to benefit other cellular enzymes as well.

The breakdown of fat for fuel is actually regulated by cAMP. Forskolin has been shown to not only enhance lipolysis but it may also inhibit fat storage from occurring. Another way that forskolin may allow for fat loss to occur is by stimulating thyroid hormone production and release. Thyroid hormone controls metabolism and can enhance metabolic rate, which may translate into more fat loss.

One of the overlooked benefits of forskolin includes its stimulation of digestive enzymes, which allows individuals to digest and assimilate their food better. It has been shown to increase nutrient absorption in the small intestine.

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Highlights of Our Product :

  • ISO 9000 certified manufacturing unit.
  • Organic raw material through dedicated farmers and supplier of raw-material.
  • cGMP, manufacturing and Good Lab Practice.
  • Quality specification, with microbial level less than 300 CFU/g and free from yeast, mold and other contaminants.
  • Free from any heavy metal Content.
  • Only available in Bulk (minimum quantity 100 Kg).
  • Customized and contract manufacturing as per customer requirement.