How To Choose The Right Orthodontist

If you come across the first signs of an orthodontic problem with your child, you should not delay the process of taking the child to a good orthodontist. This should be done as early as possible and preferably it should be before the age of seven. This does not mean that once you are above the age of seven you are not suitable for orthodontic treatments. In fact, it would be pertinent to mention here that a significant portion of patients visiting Shawnee orthodontists are adults and they could be well over forty years in many cases. The reason why a young age is recommended is that the teeth and gums are easier to mould and flex. Beyond a certain age it can be done but it takes some time when compared to children who are below the age of seven.

 Tips On Choosing The Right Professionals

 You should not choose the first Oklahoma City orthodontist who comes along the way. You have to do your research and gather as much information as possible and then make a choice. To begin with, you must spare some time to take a list of all orthodontists in your area and neighborhood. Once you have them you should try and gather some more information about them. You could try and take references from family, friends, neighbors, relatives and also colleagues or business acquaintances. You could then try and match the same with the list you have. This might help you to broad base your search and come out with the best of solutions. In fact, you could take help from your regular dentists and they could be a good source of useful information.

 The Importance Of Researching

 You must spend quite some time researching because you are going to pay big money for the services. Secondly, you must be sure that you do not go by hearsay alone. You must try and look at the websites of such Norman orthodontists. Many of the quality orthodontists certainly have their own websites. You must have a look at them and find out the kind of facilities they offer and also get to know more about the experience and expertise of these orthodontists. You will also get customer feedback which is so very important. You must always try and shortlist those sites and orthodontists who can offer at least a few dozen honest and real customer feedbacks. Also, you must make it a point that you are dealing only with a board certified orthodontist.

 Meet These Professionals Personally

 Finally, it would always be advisable to personally meet the orthodontists before you actually go for your treatment. You will be able to get a decent idea about the quality of the clinic, the kind of infrastructure that he or she has and the kind of support staff which they are able to provide. You also will be able to get a clear and full idea about the expenses that you will be incurring when you visit them directly.

 Hence at the end of the day, while there is no dearth of orthodontists, it all about doing the research and going through the due diligence process and then choosing the best out of them.

The Legalization of Pot

There have always been two schools of thought when it comes to marijuana:  many consider it an illegal, gateway drug to other more serious drugs and others believe it is a harmless, helpful medication, suitable to alleviate pain from other ailments. Then there are those who just smoke it because they like it; the recreational users. Touted as the America’s third most popular drug behind tobacco and alcohol, marijuana’s popularity took on new life in the 1960’s and has been a bone of contention ever since.


Many recreational users equate the use of marijuana to that of having a few alcoholic drinks; something that relaxes them and provides a feeling of euphoria. Not everyone experiences the same reaction to the drug; there are people, particularly those who suffer from anxiety, for whom marijuana takes them to a paranoid, apprehensive state. Nonetheless, marijuana has enjoyed a steady acceptance over the past few years, with several states even legalizing the drug for recreational use. So far, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts are the states that give the bye to getting high, as does our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

There are rules, of course, that accompany the legalization of recreational marijuana in each state. While Alaska was the third state to legalize the use of cannabis for fun, private use of marijuana in the state was declared a right back in 1975 that small amounts of pot possession was protected under a person’s right to privacy. Nowadays, adults over 21 can carry an ounce of marijuana and own six plants; however, smoking pot in public in Alaska will cost you a $100.00 fine.Colorado has deemed marijuana legal for recreational sale only by state licensed stores and that individuals cannot sell it for a profit. Adults over 21 can possess marijuana, up to an ounce and can grow a small number of plants. Just don’t try to smoke pot in public in Colorado; it is still illegal. Oregon has adopted similar laws; Oregonians can possess an ounce of marijuana in public, grow up to four plants in their homes and keep up to eight ounces at home. If you are at least 21 years old and live in the state of Washington, you may now legally have up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational use. Don’t expect to smoke it in public and don’t grow it at home; neither is legal in Washington state. California’s recreational pot laws mirror that of other states; one ounce for persons over 21 and the ability to grow up to six plants at home. But don’t be caught blowing smoke in public; it will set you back at least $100.00 and even more if you are in a non-smoking establishment. Nevada, home of Sin City, will now be home of Stink Weed City since the passing of the recreational marijuana law making recreational marijuana throughout the state legal for adults 21 and up. You can again, possess an ounce and grow up to six plants legally. Tiny Maine allows adults to carry up to two and a half ounces of the green stuff, and to grow six plants at home. The state of Massachusetts allows you to have that ounce of pot on you and you can grow six plants, as well as have ten ounces at home for your personal consumption. However, our capital is the place to be if you are a recreational pot user; the District of Columbia allows adults to possess up to two ounces on your person and you can grow up to six plants at home. Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift? If you’re in D.C., you can gift another adult up to an ounce of marijuana. Whichever of these states you purchase your recreational marijuana in, be prepared to pay a huge tax; the states want their piece of that pot pie.

There are now 29 states that allow medicinal use of boulder marijuana but there are differences between the medicinal use and the recreational use of marijuana. In addition to the reasons people smoke marijuana, there is also the marijuana itself. Medicinal marijuana contains cannabidiol or CBD as its main chemical for its therapeutic purposes; recreational marijuana has high concentrations of THC, the chemical that produces the “high”.  The CBD content in medicinal marijuana partially limits the high inducing effect of the THC and has also been shown to help reduce pain and inflammation.

The states that have legalized pot’s recreational use are the proving grounds for the other states. If the proponents for legal pot prove their point that Boulder Marijuana Seeds is not as harmful as many believe it is, more states may follow suit and let marijuana be legalized for recreational use. The recreational pot supporters have several legitimate reasons for their position, other than the drug’s euphoric effect. Most importantly, it is heavily taxed, which creates additional revenue for the states. Additionally, by decriminalizing marijuana, there will be fewer people in jail and fewer cases bogging down the legal system. Money is now diverted to the legal dispensaries and stores instead of illegal drug dealers. The marijuana itself can be regulated better so instead of potentially buying marijuana laced with another drug from a dealer, the overall product would be safer.

Recreational marijuana supporters also argue that pot is less dangerous than alcohol, tobacco and—some argue—even sugar. While the latter three are legal, they all have shown long term negative effects on the body, at times worse than anything associated with occasional pot smoking. Alcohol is not only shown to be addictive, but it is more apt to be associated with a violent crime than marijuana. Tobacco is also addictive, and known to cause various cancers, as well as other serious health issues. Even sugar has addictive qualities and is linked to obesity and diabetes. Clinical studies have shown that marijuana is less addictive than the accepted drugs that are already an accepted part of society.

Only time will tell is recreational marijuana dispensary in boulder is going to be legalized in more states and even federally legalized. In the meantime, there are studies to prove that the legalization of pot will outweigh the drawbacks. The seven states that have recently legalized its use will be under the watchful eye of the other states to determine the fate of the legalization of recreational use elsewhere.

Advancements in Orthodontics

When deciding to have a specialized procedure, it is important you select a professional who actually specializes in that field. You wouldn’t have your family doctor perform a liver transplant; neither would you have a general dentist perform your orthodontia! Look for an orthodontist who is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists. This specialty requires an average of four years of dental school and a minimum of two years in an accredited residency program. A board certified orthodontist will offer you the best results. Board certification is not mandatory; it does show that your orthodontist has gone the extra mile to provide the best possible care. The newest technology and techniques are available to the board certified orthodontist, ensuring you receive the next level of excellence.

Orthodontia has changed immensely over the last several decades. In addition to advanced equipment, the methods used are also progressive. If you had braces years ago, you may be interested to learn of all the advancements in orthodontia over the past forty years. Patients today don’t have to endure the drawn out, messy and sometimes painful orthodontia of the years past; the technology and even the types of braces have evolved making the braces wearing experience much easier.

One of the biggest advancements is the induction of better dental x-ray equipment. Digital x-rays give the orthodontist immediate, precise images of the patient’s teeth and surrounding tissue. Additionally, there are more x-ray advancements that are changing the way orthodontists can view scans. Some orthodontists are using 3D scanning equipment which provides a full set of x-rays in one 360-degree scan and creates 3D images of the patient’s jaw, teeth and tissue. There are several benefits to the equipment for both doctor and patient: the process is more efficient, easier, less expensive, garners better results and delivers less radiation than standard x-rays. If you suffer from TMJ disorders, the 3D imaging makes it easier for the orthodontist to diagnose and treat your condition. The 3D model of the head and jaw provide both general dentists and orthodontists with the ability to see the patient’s dental formation and to more accurately treat their patients.

Many orthodontists today use digital technology to take impressions of their patients’ teeth. This new technology allows orthodontists to digitally create impressions as opposed to manually. The digital scanner can take pictures inside a patient’s mouth and the pictures are available for viewing minutes later. Previously, impressions included the application of goopy putty onto a patient’s teeth; a long, untidy process. Today, a precise digital impression utilizing air and light produces 3D pictures of each individual tooth. Digital impressions are so accurate that one set of pictures will usually suffice for your entire treatment and your images are available almost immediately. The pictures can be used to show you any dental issues you may be experiencing and to help your orthodontist determine your treatment plan. Digital scanners offer accurate measurements and in turn, provide better quality results than the old impressions. In addition, digital models are better for the environment because the scanner does not use any wasteful materials and the process is decidedly more comfortable for the patient.

Another great advancement is the braces themselves. Modern orthodontists use smaller, redesigned brackets, indirect bonding and heat sensitive wires, to name just a few. Overall, patients experience less discomfort and shorter treatment times. Previously, orthodontists applied metal bands to teeth; today, self-ligating braces can be applied in a fraction of the time. Traditional braces required the doctor to tie the braces together with a thin, stainless steel ligature wire. The newer version features a small sliding door built into the braces that keep the wire in place. The self-ligating braces also cause less friction and offer less force in the patient’s mouth, providing a more comfortable braces wearing experience. Research has shown that self-ligating braces are more hygienic because less food and bacteria get trapped in the brackets. Not only are these types of braces better for the patient, but they provide the orthodontist with more treatment options. Situations that required extractions or expansions previously can now be treated without conventional methods and in less time. Everyone wins.

And while the braces have morphed over the years, so have the arch wires, the wires that connect the brackets on the teeth. Stainless steel has commonly been used for arch wires because it is inexpensive. The problem with stainless steel arch wires are they stretch out, requiring more tightening appointments and more overall discomfort for the patient. In the late 1970’s, a wire made of a combination of titanium and nickel was introduced. In the last ten years, copper has been added to the mix, making a wire that warms up to body temperature. This pliable wire has memory shape, and when working through the bracket, unravels crowded teeth more efficiently than the cumbersome metal wires of the past. The lighter consistency of the wires is more comfortable for patients and there are fewer maintenance appointments.

New bracket placement processes have also expedited the braces experience. Each bracket is placed according to its “job” and it is imperative that the bracket be attached to its tooth with the utmost precision. An orthodontist can use the traditional, direct method, where each bracket is attached by hand on each tooth. The newer method, called the indirect method, is where a model of the patient’s teeth is made by an orthodontic laboratory. The braces are virtually put on the model and the orthodontist can view the placement of each bracket, solidifying the patient’s treatment plan in advance. The lab then makes the braces based on model and the orthodontist can place the braces an arch at a time into the patient’s mouth. This saves a tremendous amount of time and gives the orthodontist more control and better precision.

As technology evolves, the processes of orthodontia become easier and more accurate. Whether the decision to get braces is a medical one or an aesthetic one, knowing the advancements available to you can help you make a better informed decision about your orthodontia care, truly giving you something to smile about!

Nevermind Your Willpower, or Lack Thereof

I have a more reliable solution.

When you’re trying to better yourself, willpower is often the way we try to override our natural tendencies and muscle in a new habit, lifestyle or way of doing things. Unfortunately all it takes is a bad day to return to your default setting.

If you’re relying on willpower, you’re going to have an uphill battle. Fortunately, there are some alternatives here.

We are hardwired to move away from any endeavor or situation that we perceive as painful, and to a lessor extent, towards pleasure
. That means that even though we know how exercise for example, might be good for us, make us feel better etc, the painful act of making time, doing it, getting uncomfortably hot and sweaty is going to outweigh our perceived benefit. The carrot doesn’t work as well as the stick.

The trick is to program your subconscious with better information, by attaching a stronger pain signal to the act of not exercising, or whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. 

If you attach pain to the inaction, and pleasure with the action, your subconscious will pick up where willpower falls short and you won’t have to work so hard to keep yourself on track.

Your subconscious is also very impressionable, which is good and bad. Good because we can use it, and bad because it hangs onto trauma preventing you from being free to the degree you would like. But that’s another story. Right now, lets focus on how we can use it to our advantage.

How To Reprogram Your  Brain

What we need to do, is to make a strong impression on the subconscious that the thing you want to do, exercise for example, is awesome and being a slug is really horrible. We can do that by closely looking at the benefits, downsides and stirring up some strong emotions.

This is actually a Tony Robbins thing and he was inspired by A Christmas Carol. You have to be willing to let the ghosts of Christmas, (or exercise) past, present and future visit you. It’s not as spooky as it sounds.

What follows is a little exercise that you need to do in one sitting, you can journal or use visualization or both. If you journal, studies have shown that writing it out longhand sticks in the subconscious better than typing, so keep that in mind. You’ll want to be alone for this, and do it all in one sitting. The more you can exaggerate and stir up your emotions, the better. Cmon, I know you have an inner drama queen!

Ready?  Got Kleenex’s?  Here we go! 

The thing I want to change/do differently is_________________________________________

What are the consequences that the way I’ve been doing _________ has had/is having?

What has it cost you in relationships?

What has it cost you in finances?

Your physical health?

Your level of happiness and fulfillment?

What are you losing or missing out on by doing or not doing ______________?

What do you regret most?

What is it doing to your self-esteem? Do you feel less powerful?

How does this affect your energy level?

Take a minute to really feel the pain and loss, examine how it affects all areas of your life. Imagine the weight of all those limitations, all the things you’ve missed and move 5 years into the future with all of the baggage, getting bigger and bigger as you move through life and continue to lose out from being on your current course.

Visualize yourself with your baggage backpack, weighed down. All the missed opportunities, all the pain, all the frustration, all the anger… Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror 5 years in the future.

How do you look?

What is the price your face has paid?

How do you feel about yourself, having gone another 5 years down the road you are currently on today? 5 years of giving up your power. 5 years of living beneath your potential…

What are the things you should have done but you didn’t because of your action or lack of action?

Now step forward 10 years. Drag 10 years of disappointment, 10 years of failure, with each failure building one on top of the other. 10 years of all that you’ve missed out on. Look in the mirror again.

Do you feel more alive or less alive?

Stronger or weaker?

Excited or depressed?

Heavier or lighter?

What do you say to yourself having lived an entire decade like this?

What did you give up?

How much frustration have you experienced?

What’s been the cost for you in your relationships?

What do your friends and family think about you?

Feel the pain and make it real. Where are you?

What’s happened to you?

What has it cost your family?

Was it worth it?

Are you willing to live this way?

Is this the destiny you will choose?

If this is painful enough that you are committed to never living this way again, your brain will shift it’s program around what is worth avoiding. If not, do what ever it takes to make this really painful. This is all a shadow of the future. This can all be changed by changing your beliefs. Come backwards in time, back from the future, back to today. Now shake off your backpack, physically move your body and interrupt the negative pattern and get out of that state completely. You’ve just changed your course!

Now lets get into a very positive state and decide what will empower you. What is the opposite of what you just envisioned? Make it a short simple phrase. We now need to associate pleasure with that belief or action so you’ll automatically go for it. Close your eyes and think about how this will transform your life.

What will you gain?

How will you be happier?

How will you be more successful financially and in relationships?

How will your physical health be transformed by adopting this new mindset?

How is your life greater, more fulfilling, emotionally richer?

Are you less stressed?

How do you feel about yourself living this way?

Imagine that you have lived this way every day for the last 5 years. Take all the success that you’ve achieved, day after day after day. This time it’s not a backpack. It’s a bunch of helium balloons, one for every little win that as you walk with and collect, lift you lighter and higher.

Notice the powerful positive impact this has had on you and everyone around you.

Where are you now living?

What have you gained, how is your life better?

How has it enhanced your personality?

How has it strengthened your confidence?

What has it caused you to really go for and get?

Now look in the mirror 5 years from now at you living with all these great benefits. Are you smiling or frowning?

Do you feel younger or older?

Do you have more energy?

More joy, more passion?

Is there more excitement and love in your relationships or less?

What has the difference been for your family?

Are you healthier, more alive?

What kind of a role model are you for others?

Notice how great it feels! Stir it up! Fully feel it!

And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t talk to you about flower essences, which also make things easier as far as your mental battles go. All you have to do is put some drops in your drink. We have essences for anything you could need help with, but lets look at the ingredients in the M&M (Motivation and Manifestation) blend.

Tansy helps ward off procrastination and indecision. When you experience chaos, confusion, emotional instability or violence, it’s normal to back away and withdraw. On the surface, this looks like apathy and laziness, but it may be symptomatic of a deeper issue, perhaps one ingrained from childhood. Tansy helps you feel empowered and purposeful, with fresh energy and an attitude conducive to success. It helps users take decisive action and helps them get back in the game.

Horseradish puts you back in the driver’s seat. You can move forward and change direction. Feeling stuck, feeling like a victim of circumstance, feeling frustrated or fearful? Horseradish powers through all that. You’ll have to take responsibility for your situation, but Horseradish will build you up, fire you up, and move you out of your current rut by dislodging fear, low self-esteem and blame-shifting.

Blackberry – Breakthrough and break out! Blackberry is great for the person with lots of ideas and little ability to carry them out. It helps translate grand schemes into specific plans of action. Blackberry vines push up through rocks and hard earth; they are all about the breakthrough! Blackberry will also have you speaking up for what you want and what you feel is right. Blackberry enables a beautiful balance between too timid and too forceful in speaking your truth.

Shasta Daisy helps you see how everything fits together into the big picture. Helps you pull pieces of disconnected information, ideas and concepts together into a cohesive whole. Excellent for writers, researchers and teachers who need to produce comprehensive, understandable presentations. It’s also perfect for multi-taskers and anyone who has to keep track of lots of projects or information. Shasta Daisy assists with compartmentalized emotions and thoughts, helping you reintegrate and become “whole” rather than shutting down or sectioning off feelings that you can’t deal with. Being able picture can reduce anxiety. Shasta Daisy has been used to prevent panic attacks. Shasta can also restore “wholeness” in relationships by allowing you to see the big picture there too, rather than focusing on winning arguments.

Purple Archangel is all about getting things in order. It’s a clarifier of the complex, aids in understanding and decisive action, and simplifies and grounds those who are stuck in chaos. Good for those dealing with creative blocks, those who are trying to get organized, or those who feel worn out by work or excess activity. For those going in a hundred directions at once and feeling the need to decipher what is worthwhile and what is not.

Buttercup helps those who are frequently overlooked to shine forth with full consciousness of their unique gifts and abilities. Buttercup inspires you not to judge yourself based on conventional ideas of achievement, or by comparing yourself to others, but to realize your worth based on who you are, not your outward recognition. This is also a helpful essence for those who have to step into a phase that, by some standards, would be considered a less important path.

M&M is a pretty general motivator, but should you want to quit smoking, change your relationship with food, or anything else you have in mind for 2016, there’s probably a flower essence for it. Come see what we’ve got! 

Image credit © Can Stock Photo Inc. / prometeus

Bouquet Blend or Custom Combo?

Here’s a little run-down that might help you to know when you need a Custom Combo and when you can get by with a Bouquet Blend. 

The Bouquet Blends are as the name describes, a mix of different flowers in one bottle. They are the easy pick combos designed to be helpful to the widest variety of people and they can save you a bunch of money. They are also the easiest way to get started with flower essences. You just pick out what you need by the name description (Joy, Stay Calm etc.) Bouquet Blends are a highly targeted assault against one specific problem and you’ll get great results with them.

Custom Combos are also pretty self-explanatory. You get something that is made specifically for your needs. This involves a consultation with me over the phone or email, and I have to take the time to bottle it, therefore you pay me more than something that just comes off the shelf. The value of a Custom Combo comes in when you can’t decide between 2-3 Bouquet Blends because one won’t quite cover it. At that point, you might as well just book your consultation.

So which is better? It’s not an easy answer. The Bouquet Blends target one thing very specifically, hitting it from several angles, the custom blend is tailored to you and can be anything you want it to be.

Honestly, even with the access and knowledge I have to make whatever blend I need on the spot, I often wind up pulling a Bouquet Blend off the shelf. I think they are great for day-to-day stuff that goes down. If I’m trying to go deep into an issue for a big resolution, or I’m wanting something specific like essences to aid my writing or some other project I’ve taken on, I’ll make myself a custom blend.

So with all that in mind, I have 2 new packages for you. One is a Bouquet Blend “Grace Pack. It’s 5 of the really universally needed, “everybody can use these” blends in a little pouch along with my book “Flower Power: Essences That Heal.” If you’ve ever wanted to get somebody introduced to the wonderfulness of essences, this is a great gift or starter set at a discount of more than $40 over buying everything separately.

Not to leave the Custom Combos out, I now have an “Essence of the Month Club” which is basically a subscription to get a new Custom Combo each month. We’ll do a consultation, see what you need, then next month I’ll check back in and see how we can take it a step farther. And so on and so forth, until you get sick of me.

You can pay for a 6 month subscription up front or you can be billed monthly. There is no cost difference either way, but if you pay for the 6 months, that tells me that you’re committed and in this for the long haul. I will reward that commitment by giving you greater access to me. (You’ll get my cell number.) You can call or text anytime you have a question. I can’t say I’ll always pick up, but I will call you back.

This is win-win by the way, because I like to know who my customers are. I’m not entirely comfortable with having these random names and order numbers cruising through my site, reading my emails and buying my stuff when i don’t know who they are.


How To Take Flower Essences

Flower essences are not oils, and are not like taking any other natural supplement.  The usual method for taking them is internal, although you can get great results from external use as well.  You need to be introducing the flower frequency into your energetic field several times per day. Fortunately, having a plan that fits your lifestyle makes it really easy.

1. It doesn’t have to be water.
Water is key, the energetic vibes from the flower will transfer to all of the water you add it to. (Remember your body is 70% water.) You have to have some water to be a carrier. I do drink water, but there is also water in tea, water in coffee, water in beer, etc. Put a few drops in whatever you drink. Personally, how I use essences is to add 4 drops to all my drinks. This may mean I have a 64 oz water jug with four drops of essences or it may mean a little cup of tea with 4 drops in it. It will have the same ripple effect regardless of size. Every time I take a sip, that is one dose. I end up with lots of pre-dosed drinks hanging around the house, which makes it really easy to take.   The more sips you take, the sooner you’ll see effectiveness.  Your sensitivity will eventually direct you in how much/how often, but in the beginning, take flower essences frequently.

2. Spike all your drinks in advance.
If you make a jug of sun tea, put your essences in there when you make it, then you won’t have to worry about it later. I usually end up with lots of pre-dosed drinks hanging around the house, which makes it really easy to take. It won’t hurt anybody else if they have some, unless they are on their own essence program, then you may have too many frequencies going on at once. I have one of those big mugs that they sell at gas stations that are advertised to keep your drink cold for 6 hours. I fill it up with ice water or tea, a few drops of flower essences and hit the road. It lasts me all day and every time I take a sip, I am getting one dose. It’s the perfect solution for me.

3. Use externally.
For those who would rather not ingest essences, no problem, essences can be used externally as well. Essences can be dabbed on pulse points, acupuncture sites, places of tension or injury on the body. They can be added to bath water, or shaken up in the shampoo or liquid soap bottle. Dandelion in particular, makes a good bath additive or pre-massage spritz. If you are wanting to avoid the alcohol that is used as a preservative in essences, external use is a good option. You just have to remember to reapply frequently.

4. Diffuse in the air.
You can add essences to your humidifier tank. This has the potential to affect everybody in the room so choose carefully.

You can also use a spray mist. I’m skeptical as to how effective they are as just a room mist. I think the humidifier has finer droplets that stay in the air. I like to use a mist directly on skin if I’m going to use one. All the aromatherapy people can concoct wonderful things with this idea I’m sure. Some ideas would be to use a lavender flower water and add 4 drops of Peaceful Sleep in a mister bottle, it would be so good for your face after you wash, and help you wind down for the night. Alternatively, you can add essential oils to water and add essences, but you have to shake really well when you use it because oil doesn’t disperse in water and that is why I prefer the floral waters. They are very healing in their own way. Again, frequency of use is key. You have to have a method that is easy and convenient or you won’t do it often enough.

5. Straight Down The Hatch
Open your mouth and squirt a couple drops in. Lots of people do this. I prefer to dilute it because it charges all the water in your glass which helps extend the bottle. The other drawbacks are that you have to remember to take it several times a day, and the taste. It’s not bad, but your kids probably won’t like it. My dog loves it, either in water or straight in the mouth.

Early on in your essence program, or when you’re really new to these, you’ll want to be a frequent user, getting some essences into your system several times a day. After the first few days, you can be a bit less serious about it. You’ll find what works for you.

If you are pretty sensitive; meaning you feel the effectiveness right away, you’ll have an easier time knowing how often to take essences. I would err on the “overly often” rather than being too infrequent. Remember there is no possibility of an overdose.

Also, if you are sensitive, you can get away with cycling between 2 formulas in one day. You can take Focus or M&M during the day for instance, along with Peaceful Sleep or Dream Drops at night.

This is all very much a “try it and see” process. The “4 drops 4 X daily” instructions on the bottle are only a guideline. If you’re an experimenter, great! Have fun! If not, the “4 drops 4 X daily” will serve you well.

Bottoms up! -Seneca

Brandy vs Vinegar as an Essence Preservative

Brandy is Freedom Flowers’ preservative of choice in our flower essences. If you order a custom combo,
you can request an alcohol-free version made with apple cider vinegar
instead, but in a Bouquet Blend, we like to use

Why brandy?

It’s natural,
tastes good in the low doses and gives the flower essence a very long
shelf life. Flower essences, by design have so much life force within
them that a powerful preservative is needed as well as the dark blue glass to
inhibit light absorption. Brandy allows a properly stored flower
essence to last indefinitely. We have a ten year expiration date on the
bottles because the FDA requires one, and 10 years is the max they will
allow. Flower essences that have gone bad are obvious. Slimy, funky,
growing algae?  Throw it out!


In a glass of
water with a standard 4 drop dosage, brandy wins. It makes water taste
like really good water. Vinegar has a slight vinegar taste that cats
and kids are not generally fans of. Neither preservative is perceptible in any flavored drink.


“Say what? Giving brandy to cats and kids?” 

Let’s put this in
perspective. In a bottle of flower essences, half the volume will be
brandy. Brandy itself is 40% alcohol by volume. You need 2-4 drops for
a dosage and it will be diluted in a glass of water or other choice
beverage. How big a glass is up to you. I also doubt you’re going to
down all that at once. You will get more alcohol in your bloodstream
through the natural process of digestion and fermentation of food.

alcohol is a concern for some people, even at that level. In that case,
you can still use a brandy-based essence externally by dotting on pulse
points, or evaporating the alcohol off by adding it to a hot beverage.


I use
Christian Brothers brandy because it goes from copper to oak to glass.
I can buy it in quantity without the plastic jug.  Alcohol is a great
solvent that will extract the chemicals in the plastic. FYI, I don’t buy vinegar in plastic either.

I hope that is a better clarification as to my choices, puts your mind at ease and gives you a work around solution.