How To Take Flower Essences

Flower essences are not oils, and are not like taking any other natural supplement.  The usual method for taking them is internal, although you can get great results from external use as well.  You need to be introducing the flower frequency into your energetic field several times per day. Fortunately, having a plan that fits your lifestyle makes it really easy.

1. It doesn’t have to be water.
Water is key, the energetic vibes from the flower will transfer to all of the water you add it to. (Remember your body is 70% water.) You have to have some water to be a carrier. I do drink water, but there is also water in tea, water in coffee, water in beer, etc. Put a few drops in whatever you drink. Personally, how I use essences is to add 4 drops to all my drinks. This may mean I have a 64 oz water jug with four drops of essences or it may mean a little cup of tea with 4 drops in it. It will have the same ripple effect regardless of size. Every time I take a sip, that is one dose. I end up with lots of pre-dosed drinks hanging around the house, which makes it really easy to take.   The more sips you take, the sooner you’ll see effectiveness.  Your sensitivity will eventually direct you in how much/how often, but in the beginning, take flower essences frequently.

2. Spike all your drinks in advance.
If you make a jug of sun tea, put your essences in there when you make it, then you won’t have to worry about it later. I usually end up with lots of pre-dosed drinks hanging around the house, which makes it really easy to take. It won’t hurt anybody else if they have some, unless they are on their own essence program, then you may have too many frequencies going on at once. I have one of those big mugs that they sell at gas stations that are advertised to keep your drink cold for 6 hours. I fill it up with ice water or tea, a few drops of flower essences and hit the road. It lasts me all day and every time I take a sip, I am getting one dose. It’s the perfect solution for me.

3. Use externally.
For those who would rather not ingest essences, no problem, essences can be used externally as well. Essences can be dabbed on pulse points, acupuncture sites, places of tension or injury on the body. They can be added to bath water, or shaken up in the shampoo or liquid soap bottle. Dandelion in particular, makes a good bath additive or pre-massage spritz. If you are wanting to avoid the alcohol that is used as a preservative in essences, external use is a good option. You just have to remember to reapply frequently.

4. Diffuse in the air.
You can add essences to your humidifier tank. This has the potential to affect everybody in the room so choose carefully.

You can also use a spray mist. I’m skeptical as to how effective they are as just a room mist. I think the humidifier has finer droplets that stay in the air. I like to use a mist directly on skin if I’m going to use one. All the aromatherapy people can concoct wonderful things with this idea I’m sure. Some ideas would be to use a lavender flower water and add 4 drops of Peaceful Sleep in a mister bottle, it would be so good for your face after you wash, and help you wind down for the night. Alternatively, you can add essential oils to water and add essences, but you have to shake really well when you use it because oil doesn’t disperse in water and that is why I prefer the floral waters. They are very healing in their own way. Again, frequency of use is key. You have to have a method that is easy and convenient or you won’t do it often enough.

5. Straight Down The Hatch
Open your mouth and squirt a couple drops in. Lots of people do this. I prefer to dilute it because it charges all the water in your glass which helps extend the bottle. The other drawbacks are that you have to remember to take it several times a day, and the taste. It’s not bad, but your kids probably won’t like it. My dog loves it, either in water or straight in the mouth.

Early on in your essence program, or when you’re really new to these, you’ll want to be a frequent user, getting some essences into your system several times a day. After the first few days, you can be a bit less serious about it. You’ll find what works for you.

If you are pretty sensitive; meaning you feel the effectiveness right away, you’ll have an easier time knowing how often to take essences. I would err on the “overly often” rather than being too infrequent. Remember there is no possibility of an overdose.

Also, if you are sensitive, you can get away with cycling between 2 formulas in one day. You can take Focus or M&M during the day for instance, along with Peaceful Sleep or Dream Drops at night.

This is all very much a “try it and see” process. The “4 drops 4 X daily” instructions on the bottle are only a guideline. If you’re an experimenter, great! Have fun! If not, the “4 drops 4 X daily” will serve you well.

Bottoms up! -Seneca

Brandy vs Vinegar as an Essence Preservative

Brandy is Freedom Flowers’ preservative of choice in our flower essences. If you order a custom combo,
you can request an alcohol-free version made with apple cider vinegar
instead, but in a Bouquet Blend, we like to use

Why brandy?

It’s natural,
tastes good in the low doses and gives the flower essence a very long
shelf life. Flower essences, by design have so much life force within
them that a powerful preservative is needed as well as the dark blue glass to
inhibit light absorption. Brandy allows a properly stored flower
essence to last indefinitely. We have a ten year expiration date on the
bottles because the FDA requires one, and 10 years is the max they will
allow. Flower essences that have gone bad are obvious. Slimy, funky,
growing algae?  Throw it out!


In a glass of
water with a standard 4 drop dosage, brandy wins. It makes water taste
like really good water. Vinegar has a slight vinegar taste that cats
and kids are not generally fans of. Neither preservative is perceptible in any flavored drink.


“Say what? Giving brandy to cats and kids?” 

Let’s put this in
perspective. In a bottle of flower essences, half the volume will be
brandy. Brandy itself is 40% alcohol by volume. You need 2-4 drops for
a dosage and it will be diluted in a glass of water or other choice
beverage. How big a glass is up to you. I also doubt you’re going to
down all that at once. You will get more alcohol in your bloodstream
through the natural process of digestion and fermentation of food.

alcohol is a concern for some people, even at that level. In that case,
you can still use a brandy-based essence externally by dotting on pulse
points, or evaporating the alcohol off by adding it to a hot beverage.


I use
Christian Brothers brandy because it goes from copper to oak to glass.
I can buy it in quantity without the plastic jug.  Alcohol is a great
solvent that will extract the chemicals in the plastic. FYI, I don’t buy vinegar in plastic either.

I hope that is a better clarification as to my choices, puts your mind at ease and gives you a work around solution.